Small tourist accommodations claim an upgraded role in the next day of Greek tourism, with three new actions and with innovative digital solutions, as demonstrated by the integrated strategy of SETKE (Confederation of Tourist Accommodation Entrepreneurs of Greece) presented at Xenia 2022.

In the context of a “round table” on the subject co-organized by the Confederation in collaboration with Epsilon Hospitality (a company of the Epsilon Net Business Software Group, which specializes in digital solutions for tourism businesses), the president of SETKE, Panagiotis Tokouzis, analyzed the planfor the implementation of the “Smotel”, “Breakfast Basket” and “Alternative Holiday Experiences by SETKE” actions, which will provide the “resources – tools”, to highlight their businesses in a market that is constantly changing and to which they should adapt, so that they are competitive and, by extension, sustainable.


“Smotel” is a brand name that aims to create a new “generation” of tourist accommodations. With the new brand name, a tourist accommodation can be certified, regardless of category and size, provided that it provides upgraded and specialized services and benefits to its guests.

Breakfast basket

The “SETKE Breakfast Basket” is a basket of pure, traditional local products, of authentic Greek flavors, which aims, on the one hand, to connect the cultural and culinary wealth of Greece with accommodation and hospitality in tourist accommodation businesses and on the other hand, the upgrading of the quality of services offered by small tourist accommodations.

Experience tourism

“Experience Tourism from SETKE” offers tourist accommodations in the sector the opportunity to specialize in specific services, attracting visitors with special interests, while contributing to the lengthening of the tourist season, says Mr. Tokouzis.

Specialized suggestions

The first four specialized holiday proposals of SETKE are Nature by SETKE (Hiking Tourism), Cycling by SETKE (Cycling Tourism), Family by SETKE, and finally Gastronomy by SETKE (Introduction to Greek Cuisine from SETKE).

Digital tools

The general manager of Epsilon Hospitality and technology manager of the Epsilon Net Group, Amanatios Amanatidis, also mentioned digital tools, stressing that the use of social media and in general the use of digital marketing to attract a wider audience and increase the competitiveness of accommodation is constantly increasing in Greek tourism.

At the same time, simplifying the management of daily tasks by using a modern PMS management software, which is directly connected to the digital sales channels, automates the processes and reduces the operating costs of the business.

In this way, tourism professionals are given the opportunity to focus their attention and energy on their customer and how to improve their stay experience. All these digital tools are now available and affordable to any size accommodation and are not the prerogative of large units, as highlighted.