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“Strip on camera” has MeRA25 MPs lashing out at media

MeRA25 MP, Kleon Grigoriadis, was caught without his shirt on during a video conference of the Parliament’s Public Administration Committee on Wednesday.

The incident occurred while the MeRA25 MP Maria Apatzidi was addressing the committee.

Apparently not knowing that his camera was on, Grigoriadis started to take off his shirt.

Apatzidi tried to warn stripping Grigoriadis about the camera but he was much too focused on changing clothes that he did not take notice.

As soon as she realized that he was half-naked, she put her hand in front of the camera.


Grigoriadis justified the unwilling stripping in front of the camera saying “when you work all day, you change clothes in the office. Because, yes, some MPs work instead of stealing public money.”

The MP who is an actor by profession lashed out at media that rushed to show the “unfortunate incident” but did not show the same speed when he was sued by a systemic media owner.

In the same wavelength responded also MP Apatzidi when she was invited to a life-style magazine to comment on the incident.

“When #MeΡΑ25 messes with the oligarchy & receives lawsuits, its MPs are not invited anywhere. Now a simple event that can happen to anyone is the reaosn to be invited. We are sorry but we will not play the systemic media’s game. #kleon #Parliament #liagas,” Apatzidi posted.

When she complained on the live show that MeRA25 MPs are not invited to speak about serious issues like the energy crisis, the environment, the troublking society, the presenter told her “ypu are not here to promote the party’s positions.”

thereupon, Abazidi said “have a nice day” and shut the phone.

PS MeRA25 MPs are right to complain and for the right reasons.

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