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Greece’s Migration Minister as Christmas tree ball (video)

Greek Christmas kitsch to the sounds of “All I want for Christmas is you”… Employees at the Migration Ministry made their own tree balls with the picture of minister Notis Mitarakis inside.

As if this ridiculous idea wasn’t enough, they also posted a video on the official ministry’s social media accounts Facebook and Youtube.

For more than one minute in the 6-minute video, we see in every detail how they get together the balls with the picture of minister Mitarakis.

They print the photo, fill the balls with artificial snow, put a ribbon on it, place it in the center shot, hang it high on the tree.


The video was removed by the Minister’s order on Friday morning following the outcry!

Worth noting that the balls had pictures of the employees too.

But this did not hinder a sh*t-storm on social media and as expected the video triggered a storm of reactions on social media ,websites and opposition newspapers.

In comments, Greeks urge Migration Minister Mitarakis to take down the video with an apology statement and some call on him to pay loyalties for the song use.

Some speak of “a pre-election campaign” and of “miserable display of narcissism posted on the official ministry YouTube account.”

Others wrote: “I find it a bit ominous to be hanged. Even on the Christmas tree.”

Many ask whether the whole thing was financed with taxpayers money. -It surely was as there is always a budget in the ministries for festivities.

Some newspaper warns: “Attention! Kitsch Photos!”

And some other comments: “the balls with the snowy minister’s picture honor the refugees […] who freeze on the Evros river islets or are drawn in the Aegean Sea.”

Common slogan among critics is: we live in the most ridiculous country in the world ever!

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