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Composer Notis Mavroudis dies at 77 following tragic accident

Greek composer Notis Mavroudis died late on Tuesday following a tragic accident in his holiday home in Koukourava village in Makrinista on Mt Pilio. He was 77 years old.

According to local media, Mavroudis he was fixing something on the balcony railing late on Tuesday, when he lost his balance and fell from a height of three meters. His head hit on a stone, resulting in fatal injuries and he died on the spot.

His wife called the ambulance but any help was too late.

The couple had scheduled to return to Athens on Thursday.

Born in Athens in July 1945, he spent the first two years of his life in prison next to his mother, who was a political prisoner after the Greek Civil War.

In 1958 he started classical guitar lessons at the National Conservatory of Athens.

In 1970 he settled in Italy, where he was assigned the classical guitar chair at the Scuola Civica di Milano, where he taught until 1975, when he returned to Athens to settle permanently.

He became known in the so-called “new wave” trend of Greek music.

Video: Giorgos Zografos sings Notis Mavroudis

As a composer and soloist he had performed in Greece, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Cuba. As a professor at the National Conservatory of Athens, he was the teacher of several popular Greek artists.

He is one of the most distinguished contemporary Greek composers of song and orchestral music, with the main instrument being the classical guitar.

His discography is remarkable in volume and distinctions and his influence on contemporary Greek music is significant.

Notis Mavroudis was also a songwriter, a guitarist, a columnist and a radio producer.

He worked with many distinguished musicians and was honored with international awards.

“If something characterized our father Notis Mavroudis as a person, it was his kindness, his morals and his modesty,” his son, Haris Mavroudis, posted on Facebook.

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