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Earthquake 4.8 R on Lesvos: Locals advised to avoid unnecessary movement

An earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale rattled the island of Lesvos on Tuesday morning, sending locals to the streets and raising concern among seismologists.

The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Western Lesvos advised citizens to avoid unnecessary road travel, especially in the network of Lepetymnos, Argenos, Skamias, Pelopi, at least for the next few hours.

The advise has been issued for precautionary reasons.

Although no serious damage has been recorded so far, the seismic activity combined with the impending heavy rains, is likely to cause landslides in the road network, local media reported.

The earthquake occurred at 09:38 a.m. and its epicenter was 5 km south-west of Mythimna and focal depth 12.4 km.

The tremor was of long duration and had a loud hollow noise, locals said.

Due to the low focal depth the tremor was felt in the whole island, state broadcaster ERT reported.

Citing locals, ERT reported at 11 o ‘clock that the hollow noise from the deep of the earth has been ongoing.

There have been rock slides in the area and minor material damages. Nobody was injured.

The earthquake occurred four days after a tremor struck with 4.9 R early Saturday, January 7, while the seismic activity continued with many aftershocks below 4 R.

The tremor on Saturday caused slight damages to houses and public buildings. As inspections continue, primary and secondary schools in the broader area remain closed also on January 10 until they conclude and children can return in safety.

The seismic activity on Lesvos but also on Evia and Crete are a cause of concern for seismologists.

They are still collecting and evaluating data aiming to find out which one of the earthquakes on Lesvos was -and if at all – the main one.

In a post on social media, director of the Geodynamic Institute of Athens, Akis Tselentis, wrote:

“As we have said the phenomenon is ongoing and we cannot 100% SAY THAT IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED. The only thing that is certain is that for some time to come (if we accept that we had the main earthquake) significant aftershocks will occur.”

Citing other scientists, ERT reported that they were certain, the 4.8 R was a “strong aftershock.”

According to ERT, 94 aftershocks have been recorded since January 7, 2023.

At the same time, seismologists evaluate the recent seismic activity as a “normal” phenomenon in Greece.

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