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Greece weekly: 168 coronavirus deaths, lower infection rates

Infection rates for Covid-19, along with hospitalizations and intensive care dropped during the week of January 16-22, National Public Health Organization. EODY said on it weekly report issued on Thursday.

The rate of influenza infections did not present a great change, EODY added.

The weekly report presents information on viral infections of the pulmonary system (SARS-CoV-2, influenza viruses, and Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV).


A drop was registered in reported infections from last week. During the Jan. 16-22 week, 153 patients were hospitalized with Covid-19, and 168 people died whose median age was 85 years.


Two new and serious infections were reported last week, of patients in ICUs, along with 2 new deaths. A total of 55 patients have been admitted to ICUs and 17 deaths registered since flu cases were first observed this season. A total of 249 people were infected in the last week, with most (99%) infected by strain A.

A drop was also registered in influenza-like illnesses, compared to last week, across all ages, while infections from RSV dropped since last week as well.

EODY weekly report in Greek here.

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