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Father accused of raping his 4-year-old son

A 38-year-old man is accused of repeatedly raping his 4-year-old son and filming the acts with the help of the boy’s grandmother in a new case of sexual assault against a minor.

The suspect is also facing charges of sexual acts with a minor under the age of 12, sexual acts between relatives and pornography. It was not clear which of these charges have also been brought against the child’s grandmother.

The man and his mother are respectively son and wife of a meanwhile deceased priest in northern Greece.

The alleged crime was revealed to the police by the child’s mother who noticed that her son’s behavior had changed after spending a few days with her estranged husband in July 2022, the woman’s lawyer Giannis Marakakis told state broadcaster ERT.

At the same time, the mother found marks on the child’s body, he said. The mother filmed some of her son’s unspecified behaviors and presented it to the child psychologists and the medical examiner when she reported the alleged abuse.

The child was questioned in the presence of a child psychologist over four two-hour sessions during which he slowly revealed the “games” he played with his father and how they watched them “on TV”.

The man side claims that the forensic examination showed no signs of sexual abuse.

However, the mother said that the examination was not possible as the child was upset and was screaming and would not allow it. The only things the medical examiner would find were marks on the child’s arms from the tape the father used to make him stand still, the layer told Mega TV program Live News.

Note that during the divorce procedures the mother had consent to frequent visits of the child by the father including vaccatins.

Both the mother and the lawyer wondered why the father has not been arrested yet.

They call on other parents of children to come out if they have signs their child was abused by the same man.

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