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Turkey’s earthquake will not affect Greece, says leading seismologist

“We still don’t know if the 7.7 Richter earthquake that hit southern Turkey on Monday morning was the main one,” professor and president of the Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, Efthymios Lekkas, told the state-run news agency amna.

“It’s a very big earthquake and its consequences will be multiple,” Lekkas said.

Lekkas added that the earthquake occurred in a large fault that starts in Lebanon and goes all the way to the Black Sea.

Lekkas estimated that this earthquake will not affect faults in the Greek area nor is it related to the 4.2 Richter earthquake that occurred in the early morning in Rhodes.

Another seismologist, Gerasimos Papadopoulos posted on social media: “M7.8 surface earthquake in SE Turkey on borders with Syria on East Anatolian Fault line (EMSC). Many casualties reported. An earthquake of geophysical conditions to trigger other earthquakes in wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

The Anatolian fault line via American Earthquakes.

Another earthquake occurred with 7.5.-7.7 R in the same epicenter as the 7.8R >on Monday morning occurred at 1:30 local time possibly bringing to collapse more buildings.

PS we still have to see how the tectonic plates will react… Just saying.

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