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Consumers’ Federation INKA calls for products boycott due to high prices (POLL)

Greece’s General Federation of Consumers INKA has called for a boycott of certain food products as a protest reaction to the high food prices, especially milk.

In an announcement published on Wednesday, INKA said that the boycott follows consumers’ demand.

The boycott is  for all diary products, domestic or imported, including milk, cheese and yogurt.

The protest action has a duration of one week, staring on February 13 and ending on February 20, 2023.

“We ask consumers/citizens to not buy these products for a week. We are the power of the market…let us take care of our wallets and our pockets, let us protect the income that some want to steal without an ounce of logic or morality, as they are simultaneously reducing the quantities in the same product packages,” INKA said in its statement.

Greeks have been exposed to constant price increases and smaller products packages sold at the previous or even higher price for almost a year.

Every weekly visit to supermarket is a horror as they have to dig deeper in their pockets.

The so-called “household basket” – a list of some 55 items covering basic needs in food & household products with alleged controlled prices- has turned into a joke as it contains house brands at 95% and consumers often find products outside the list at cheaper prices.

Please, take the POLL!

What do you think? Does a boycott helps protect consumers?

Consumers' boycott against high prices

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  1. Of course a boycott makes a difference since the producers wants to sell their products! If they cant sell, no income! The fact that so many manufacturers of various food items have “fallen” to greed- and shrinkflation is just a try to get more money that really is not needed if you take a look at their costs! Simply greed…they take a chance if it works…!!

    • I think there is a distinction between big producers of dairy products and the small producers such as dairy farmers that supply raw milk to these processors. The latter and retailers take the profits while the farmers are at their mercy and have to settle for small payments for their milk. These would be hit hard by a boycott. Processors would simply stop to buy their milk which then need to be disposed off because the farmers can’t keep the milk forever.

  2. Perhaps a good idea but this will also hurt producers. Although they need to adjust their prices higher due to increased energy prices and inflation, they are not taking the biggest cut. That is taken by the middle men and the retailers. It are the big retailers such as supermarkets that squeeze producers.

    Best solutions is to shop at farmers’ markets or direct sale from producers.

    • farmer markets have limited range of products and ‘direct sale’ in big cities is impossible

      • Then people and producers will remain at the mercy of big retailers. One of the big mistakes producers made was not to get themselves sufficiently organized in cooperatives and create their own retail brand and distribution network. That happened in some countries though. Coops, they are called. Hard though compete with the big supermarkets or “convenience stores”.

        I don’t know if a boycott of dairy products will work. It will only hit the producers. Producers instead could decide to sell slightly over the price they get from retailers which is lower than what the retailers get from the consumers.

        Direct sale could be possible with all these uber and other delivery services. But that would be interesting only when there is a certain amount to be ordered. And it only works when it doesn’t snow….

      • People can easily minimise their consumption and purchase (if possible directly from the farmer) only what is indeed necessary.
        People are not aware of their power! Sad, but very true!