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Silver Alert: Elderly expats couple missing in SW Peloponnese

An elderly couple of expats has been missing in the last two weeks.The couple, David Harrison Robinson, 83 years old, and his wife, Lucretia Robinson, 80 years old, went missing from their home, in the area of Dapia Methonis, Pylos Nestoros in Messinia, south-west Peloponnese.

A Silver Alter has been issued.

David Harrison Robinson has white hair, brown eyes, is 1.85m tall and is slim. He wears a hat with a big brim. Lucretia Robinson has gray hair (wears a wig), brown eyes, 1.50m tall and thin.

Life Line GRAMMI ZOIS was notified by their relatives on the afternoon of February 2, and after gathering the required supporting documents, it activated  the SILVER ALERT Social Alert, to mobilize everyone to find them.

Their lives are in danger, the Life Line notes.

If you know anything, contact the Silver Alert service, 24 hours a day, on the National SOS Line <1065> or even Greek Police at <100>.

As the couple has been missing for more than 15 days, an entire mechanism has been mobilized to search for them.

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