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Syrian migrant identified as train crash victim

DNA tests have confirmed the identity of a man’s body found in the wreckage of the passenger train. The man was a Syrian migrant.

involved in the train collision near Tempe in central Greece on February 28 which killed 57 people.

Authorities said he was a migrant from Syria and his identification became  possible through a DNA sample sent by his brother who lives abroad.

No further details were made public.

With the identification of the Syrian migrant, the identified dead of the Tempi train collision on February 28 now amount to 56.

What is still open is the identification of a young student of architecture.

Her parents reported her missing from the very first day, however no DNA sample has been found in the train wreckage so far to match the sample provided by her parents. The process to identify the 57th victim of the Tempi train collision continues.

Fifty-seven people have been confirmed dead and only one victim remains unaccounted for.

Meanwhile, some victims’ families question the identification and applied for new DNA matches.

Many of the victims were burned, in some cases only biological material was found.

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