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Train crash 10 days later: Greece’s ministers appear devastated at cabinet meeting

Broadcasting live the introduction statement by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the start of the cabinet meeting on Thursday morning was rather a flop even though several ministers showed deep mourning and devastation ten whole days after the deadly train collision in Tempi on February 28, 2023..

Addressing the ministers and the society, Mitsotakis said “I take responsibility for Tempi” but short after he underlined the unbelievable claim “we are all to blame.

He again reiterated that he apologizes “in the name of all those who have governed the country in recent years, but the tragedy happened with us at the helm of the country.”

He added “I can’t turn back time” and promised

He only did not make reference to the “human error” and the “station master” because the first time he said that just hours after the collision he triggered not only the anger of the victims’ families but the whole Greek society.

It was a communication disaster by a Premier who seems in panic as neither he, not his American PR advisers, nor his speech writer nor any of the ministers are able to deal with the crisis and the damage control with a narrative changing dya in, day out is beyond common sense and logic.

So why are the ministers devastated? Because:

a. they listen to PM’s baffling speech

b. they are aware the ND gov’t has ended

c. ahead of power loss

d. kick backs loss

Worth noting that the first public opinion polls after the train crash are to be published over the weekend or even later today.

According to media information, ND is losing some 3%.

Mitsotakis’ speech for those interested:

“We take responsibility and we cannot, should not and do not want to hide behind a series of human errors,” he said. The fact that the rail tele-management system would be operational within a few months made his own pain even greater, Mitsotakis added, because he had not had time to install it before tragedy struck.

“The last thing I’m interested in right now is getting into a sterile argument over who is to blame. I reply: We are all to blame. And let’s confess this with courage. From governments and administrations that for years stalled a critical project to certain trade unions that prevented any evaluation of our railway staff,” the prime minister underlined, pointing out that the apportioning of blame will be done by Justice swiftly and to the highest possible degree.

“But the tragedy happened with us at the helm of the country,” he noted and he guaranteed absolute transparency in the investigation to identify the errors and judge those involved fairly. He also pledged to take immediate measures to improve the problematic safety of the railways at the level of new technologies and human resources management.

He explained that listening to the dialogues from the night of the accident, he felt “anger and shame, but I have an obligation to turn these feelings into creative action.”

Presenting the context of the interventions, he spoke of giving priority to supporting the relatives of the victims, financially and psychologically, and to the relevant announcements that will be made immediately and with the necessary discretion, and to the new operating and safety framework that is being prepared so that trains can start running again with the maximum possible safety (two stationmasters at each station at all times, even if it is necessary to cut back transport services) but also the stricter legal framework for vandalism and theft targeting the railway network and the immediate start of recruitments. Lastly he referred to the rail telemanagement system, saying that he will move heaven and earth to ensure this is completed as soon as possible.

PS my smart but also mean Kitty claimed the ministers’ mourning reminded her of the display of mass mourning in North Korea.

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  1. The mass mourning in North Korea is because people are forced to. This show by the ministers is just political show. They probably mourn about the end of their political careers although these fat cats (no insult to cats intended) always manage to land some cushy job but I guess they will refuse a cushy job working for Hellenic Rail.