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Contraband cigarettes factory in Halkidiki; 30 arrests

Greek Police has arrested dozens of people at an illegal “factory” of contraband cigarettes located in Lakkoma, Halkidiki.

The factory had two full lines for the production, processing and standardization of cigarettes that were filled with tobacco imported from Bulgaria.

The factory seems to have been in non-stop operation in the last months, producing thousands of illegal cigarettes every day which were trafficked by trucks throughout the country, yet mainly in Attica.

The Security Department of th Police in Kilkis has been following the activity of the ring for months, having located the illegal manufacturing plant and two other storage areas, while recording the suspicious routes.

In the previous 24 hours, an organized operation was carried out, which led to the arrest of 30 people for involvement in the case.

Three of them are Greek and seem to have played a leading role in the ring’s activities, while the remaining 27 (all foreigners) worked – under unknown conditions – at the manufacturing plant, where they also lived in specially designed dormitories.

Video released by Police

During a press briefing by the regional police director of Central Macedonia, it was revealed that a total of 592,000 packs of cigarettes (ie more than 11.5 million pieces), 20 tons and 320 kg of processed tobacco were seized.

In addition also raw materials, seven clark-type vehicles and pallet trucks, six transport vehicles (including four trucks and two vans), as well as manufacturing machinery and equipment.

The evaded duties and taxes that the Greek State was deprived of are estimated to amount to 2.5 million euros.

The arrested are being taken to the criminal prosecution prosecutor of Thessaloniki, while the police investigation into the activities of the ring continues,

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