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Greece at risk of blackouts during the Easter days, Distributor warns

Greece is at risk of blackouts during the Easter days, the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) has warned.

Reason for the problem is that this year, the participation power production by the Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES) has increased and there are still no energy storage units that could provide energy when RES do not produce electricity, daily newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to a relevant letter from ADMIE to the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), the problem is created by the increased production of RES and the low demand for energy, as a result of which the units that offer stability to the system do not participate in energy production as much as is necessary for the stability of the system , namely the lignite and natural gas units.

Stability problem

Stability problem reportedly arises because when demand is low and there is sunshine, RES displace conventional units from the system by covering high percentages of demand. However, when it gets dark and the production of sola panels (photovoltaics) begins to drop sharply, a stability problem is created, because the production of flexible conventional units cannot immediately increase.

In this context, RES production should be cut so that there are no fluctuations and stability is ensured.

As ADMIE mentioned in the relevant letter, this situation can cause blackouts at any time, especially on days when loads are very low. Faced with such a risk, according to ADMIE sources, the system was found on March 25, a holiday with high sunshine, and the Administrator was forced to cut RES production and imports for a few hours, reported daily

In fact, it is estimated that in order to keep the system standing, it may be necessary to cut 50% of the RES production, if we have high sunshine and five Beaufort winds, the daily noted..

A meeting on the issue between the Crisis Management Team of RAE is scheduled to Friday, March 31, as ADMIE has asked them to determine the critical times at which intervention should take place in order not to disturb the stability of the system.

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