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Coronavirus infections, flu cases drop; 65 Covid-deaths

New cases of coronavirus and of influenza (flu) dropped over the week of March 20-26, according to the weekly report by the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

ISO week 12/2023, March 20-26, compared with the previous week:

  • *Tests -8%
  • *Infections +2% (13,752 total, 1965/day)
  • *Reinfections 47% (percentage)
  • *Positivity +12% (2.9%)
  • *Imports -3% (691 total, 99/day)
  • *Intubated +6% (75)
  • *Deaths** -14% (65 total, 9/day)

Hospital admissions for coronavirus also dropped last week compared to the average weekly for admissions during the last 4 weeks. In addition, the number of new intubations in March 20-26 also dropped compared to the previous week, as did the average of new intubations the last 4 weeks.

At present, 75 people are intubated with Covid-19 in Greek hospitals, while another 65 died during the March 20-26 week.  The median age of those who died was 84 (age range: 53-96).

Weekly sampling of virus loads in urban waste in Greece showed a drop in SARS-CoV-2 in 8 of 10 regions checked.

In terms of the flu, there was no case requiring admission to intensive care units (ICUs), or any new death reported, during the week of March 20-26. A total of 65 people with flu have been hospitalized in ICUs since the start of the flu season and 22 people have died. A total of 88% of infections relate to type A, and of these the most common were subtype A (H3N2).

A drop was registered in flu-like illnesses across all age groups this past week, while respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) remained at the same low levels as the week prior.

Note the latest measures recently announced by Greece’s Health Ministry regarding masks and testing here.

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