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Migrants’ boat runs aground off south Peloponnese; one dead

A half-sunken sailing boat with 47 migrants on board, including many women and and children, was located on Thursday morning on Arfigia beach at Neo Itylo, in southern Peloponnese.

The boat had run aground and the passengers were found stranded on a beach, were also the body of a passenger was found. According to their testimonies, the man died during the trip due to health reasons.

The migrants reportedly said that they had left the Turkish coast five days ago.

Four minors and three women were taken to the General Hospital of Lakonia for medical examination.

The rest of the migrants will be transferred to the town of Gythio, where they will be registered.

Divers of the Coast Guard Underwater Unit searched for people trapped in the hull of the half-sunken boat.

A coast guard patrol boat, a coast guard aircraft and a search-and-rescue team on foot were scouring the area for possible missing people.

*pictures via the Hellenic Coast Guard

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