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Greece’s chief prosecutor says he would have stopped audit into communications company

In an interview at the Delphi Economic Forum,the chief prosecutor of Greece’s Supreme Court, Isidoros Dogiakos,said on the wiretapping scandal, that had he knew the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (ADAE) was checking biggest telecommunications company in the country, the OTE, he would had prevented it.

“The opinion of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court has always been his inalienable right. Alas, if the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the country’s first class prosecutor, had limitations to express himself at some point if he deems it necessary,” Dogiakos told journalist Ioanna Mandrou.

He added, he he was “aware of the difficulties that would follow”, while he mentioned that he consulted his previous predecessors and his acting colleagues.

“The reason for issuing that opinion was an update from the legal department of OTE, because don’t forget that the move by ADAE, […], to do an audit was 6 days after the publication of the new law 5002 /2022, with the new data. Because we didn’t have a good update yet. This law had not even reached our offices. I said wait a short period of time, a few days and we will give our opinion,” he noted.

“ADAE did not wait, it wanted that time, on the spot. I did not see any emergency, any potential loss of evidence. There was nothing. Some ADAE officials agreed to a short postponement and a consultation. I didn’t even know there was going to be an audit. If I had known I would have prepared the obstruction. They informed me that there is a problem,” Dogiakos said according to libre.gr.

And the logical question that arises as Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld              puts it is:

Note that investigation in wiretapping scandal is supposed to be ongoing and have not concluded yet.

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