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Mykonos: Two arrests for illegal construction in archaeological site

Police has arrested two men for conducting illegal construction work inside an archaeological site at the western coast of the island of Mykonos.

Police has reportedly said they detained on Wednesday afternoon a 21-year-old Egyptian and a 20-year-old Romanian national who were working in a plot of land where building is not allowed.

In the areas of the business where the foreigners were operating, violations of  urban nature were found, as well as violations that fall under the Law on the Protection of Antiquities and in general of cultural heritage (Protection Zone A).

The land is owned by a private company operating a well-known restaurant in the Bouka-Tagou area of Mykonos.

The arrests are part of an effort by authorities to crack down on arbitrary and illegal construction activity, following the beating of an archaeologist in charge of building permits on the island in March.

Fines of €22million down to €500

In the latest twist in the Mykonos saga, as daily kathimeni points out, a new Environment Ministry legislative provision stipulates that if the Principote and Nammos bars on the island demolish all of their illegal structures by early May, they will pay a minuscule fine of just 500 euros instead of the millions first envisaged. This possibility arose in the provision introduced a fortnight ago and the two companies have already submitted a request to the Syros Building Authority to carry out the demolitions at their own initiative.

Under the new legislation, the owners can inform the local building authority that they are going to proceed voluntarily with the demolition of the illegal structure within 10 days of the date they receive the autopsy report from the inspector. If they do so within that time frame, the building authority will appoint a building inspector (i.e. a private person) to carry out the demolition and the restoration of the land built upon and impose a fine of 500 euros, while at the same time the hefty fines will be canceled and the criminal proceedings suspended.

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