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Horse with tied feet hanging on Kea hillside; owner arrested

A horse with its feet tied together was found hanging on a hillside on the island of Kea (Tzia) in the Cyclades island group. It was tourists who found the poor animal hanging off the slope, tied to an olive tree.


The tourists initially thought that the horse had an accident, they started to scream for help.

The owner reportedly went to the spot, cut the ropes around the horse’s legs and then he repeatedly started to kick the exhausted and suffering animal ordering it to get up.

The tourists but also motorists driving by who witnessed the abuse informed the  Panhellenic Equine Welfare Society Ippothesis that briefed the police accordingly.

According to Ippothesis, the horse seemed to have not broken any bone.

The horse was left without food and water and it is suggested that it was looking for water.

The practice of tying legs (pastouroma) of horses, donkeys, sheep and goats is common in Greece with owners claiming it helps animal husbandry. However, it is forbidden by law.

According to a police announcement, a 34-year-old man, was arrested a day later, on early Sunday evening, after Ippothesis filed a complaint to local police.

It is not clear, though, whether the prosecutor has issued an order to remove the horse from the owner.

The incident took place on Saturday, April 29, and is yet another addition to the countless cases of animal neglect and abuse.

On the island of Hydra on Sunday, a 58-year-old man was fined with 15,000 euros after he kicked a young cat from a restaurant terrace to the ground, some 8 meters down.

The animal was injured as pictures from the ground showed, but it was not killed as a canopy attached to the first floor stopped a fatal ending.


Even though injured the animal fled seeking a place to hide, it was reportedly found later by local animal lovers.

A restaurant employee but also passersby saw the cat falling down, they went to the roof, where the man was boosting and laughing together with his friends.

He admitted kicking the cat off the terrace claiming that the animal was bothering him.

Police was called in, the man was arrested and fined administrative fine of 15,000 euros.

In one more incident of human brutality towards animals, a dog was found with thick chains around his mouth and his legs in Pefki, suburb of northern Athens, also on Sunday.

The animal did not survive the torture.

Members of the local animal welfare society reportedly filed against the so far unknown owner, and so did the Municipality of Maroussi, while the prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant.

The picture is much too brutal to be shown here.

PS It must be noted that reports about domestic violence, minors’ delinquency  and bulling and animal abuses are now daily. What kind of a sh*t society have we become?

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  1. SHAME, SHAME & SHAME! Totally agree with KTG, what kind of society have we become? If some Greeks can treat animals with such abuse, can you imagine what they would do to a person who rubs them the wrong way?

  2. We need bigger punishment for people who leave their cats on streets!!!

  3. Meanwhile dogs are chained up by the thousands and almost nobody cares. Yes if you have evidence and willing police something can happen but it shouldn’t be an investigating job for animal friendly people but a job for animal police.

    Laws being broken most time, dog longer than 2 hours a day on chain. Chain shorter than 6 meter.