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Kos: Body of Anastasia, missing hotel worker from Poland, found on Sunday

The body of the 27-year-old missing Anastasia Rubinska, a hotel worker from Poland was found in Alykes area on the island of Kos on Sunday afternoon.The young woman was missing since last Monday, June 15.

Her body was found in reeds in an area with salt marshes. The area is reportedly very close to the house of the 32-year-old Bangladeshi man arrested for the case, between Tigaki and Marmari.

She was found by a volunteer who participated in the search operation.

Anastasia’s mother who had come from Poland accompanied by private detectives, was also participating in the investigations. According to local radio Radio Proto of Kos,the mother was even digging with her hands to find her daughter.

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According to news website, the body had marks of a strangulation. It was naked, had injuries and half of it was a plastic bag left under a tree in Alykes. A white bed sheet was also found there and police will try to find out whether it belonged to the arrested suspect.

The 32-year-old arrested Bangladeshi man was the last person to meet her on Monday night, as camera footage showed. he had bought a ticket to fly to Italy. He became a primary suspect and he had reportedly claimed to have consensual sex with her.

It is recalled that Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska went missing on Monday night and she was reported as such by her partner, also from Poland.

According to media information, during investigation police found injuries and signs of struggle on the body of the arrested man and his roommate, a Pakistani national. Police found in his home strands of blond hair, as well as a shirt with a blood stain, and a flight ticket.

Police have taken DNA samples from both men as well as from their home and the victim’s apartment  in the hotel. The samples have been sent to forensic laboratories in Athens.

Anastasia’s mobile phone was found in a building in an abandoned military camp on the road that connects Marmari with Tigaki and near the Bangladeshi’s house on Saturday. The SIM card was removed.

32-year-old’s house and as it now turns out, near the place where her body was found. This area is where the authorities’ investigations were focused, with a drone and specially trained dogs, while the authorities were oriented towards the possibility that this was a criminal act.

It is reminded that the Bangladeshi man who has been initially arrested on charges of abduction, will testify to prosecutor on Monday.

With the new development, charges are expected to be enriched.

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  1. Feel bad for the family, just hope they treat this guy the correct way in prison.

  2. Send the suspects to Poland. The guys in prison will give them treatment they deserve.

  3. This is another case of femicide.