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Abstention in Greece’s elections hits record high

The highest abstention rate in a Greek national election was set on Sunday, reaching 47.17%, surpassing the previous record set in the September 2015 election, when it reached 43.84%.

The abstention rate has been consistently above 35% for the last 14 years, given the delays in clearing the electoral rolls. The last time that abstention was recorded at less than 30% of those registered in the electoral rolls was in October 2009.

Tellingly, the abstention rate increased by almost 8.4% compared to the May elections (38.9% abstenion).

Of the eight parliamentary parties, six (ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, KKE, Hellenic Solution and Course for Freedom) recorded a net decrease in their voter numbers.

Only Niki recorded an increase, while the new Spartiates party that received the informal but very substantial endorsement of jailed Ilias Kasidiaris, appeared from scratch.[kathimerini]

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