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Αthens-Corinth highway closed due to fire in West Attica (video)

Traffic was interrupted in both directions on the Athens-Corinth highway on Thursday due to a fuel truck that caught fire at Kakia Skala, in the Corinth-bound lanes.

Correction to earlier KTG post: The fire broke out around 12:30 noon in a fuel truck at a parking lot and spread to a second parked truck.

Meanwhile, media report that more trucks are on fire and that occasionally explosions are being heard.


There are no reports of injuries or fatalities, so far.

According to a police update, the motorway has been closed from the 39th km heading towards Corinth and from the 57th km in the direction towards Athens.

The old Athens-Corinth road, which was closed shortly before 14:00 was reopened to traffic once more on Thursday afternoon.

Police said that traffic on the old national road, which was closed in both directions between the Megara and Kinetta junctions, was still heavy.

Nine fire engines and 35 firefighters with 13 engines and  municipality water-tanks are trying to put out the fire.

By 4:30 p.m. the fire Service announced that the fire was partly under control.

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