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Samaria Gorge opens again Aug 23, without “risk declaration”

The Samaria Gorge opens again for visitors on Thursday, August 24, 2023. and thus without a responsible statement about crossing the path on visitor’s own responsibility. The decision was revoked due to fierce reactions.

The Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization (OFYPECA) revoked that visitors would have to sign a declaration of risk responsibility  under the weight of severe reactions, but also the findings of expert scientists who confirmed that the situation in the gorge is the same as the one that prevailed even before the August 13th earthquake.

Thus, it has now been announced that the Samaria gorge will again be accessible to visitors from tomorrow, Thursday, August 24, without the provision of an individual responsible declaration.

OFYPEKA had rushed to announce the measure of signing a responsible declaration, however, the annoucnement and the decision were made before the experts conducted an inspection of the area.

“Following the inspections that were carried out in the Samaria Gorge on August 21st by the Crete Regional Unit of the Hellenic Geological and Mineral Research Authority (E.A.G.M.E.) and on August 22nd by the scientific team of the National and Kapodistrian of the University of Athens led by Prof. Mr. Lekkas, at the request of the O.FY.PE.KA., and in the presence of its executives, it emerged that security levels have returned to pre-earthquake levels of August 13,” a statement said.

It added that the in the previous days the path was cleared of rock falls and the path is fully accessible.

It is recalled that Samaria Gorge remained closed since the strong earthquake on August 13, which resulted in the serious injury and amputation of a Spanish tourist.

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