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5 migrants die in boat incidents off Lesvos and Samos

Four men and one woman have lost their lives on Monday morning in two separate incidents with boats carrying migrants and refugees from Turkey to Greece.

According to Greek authorities, four people died and 18 were rescued Monday after a boat carrying migrants apparently sank northeast of the Greek island of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The coast guard said reportedly said one of its vessels collected the 18 survivors and four people found unconscious and transported them to the island’s main port of Mytilene.

Off the island of Samos, in the south, one woman had already died when Coast Guard rescuers reached a sinking boat.

Coast Guard members managed to bring back to life a baby with successfully performed CPR.

According to local media, the human trafficker had cut a hole in the inflatable boat carrying 37 migrants and refugees to Greece.

Over the weekend, the coast guard has said it has picked up over 100 people from boats near eastern Aegean Sea islands, part of an increase in new arrivals over the past two months.

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