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Ferry murder: Antonis had head lacerations caused while alive

36-year-old man Antonis Karyotis who was pushed off the boarding ramp by a ferry the crew at the port Piraeus died by inhaling sea water, the coroner’s office said. He told Mega TV that he had also found small lacerations on the victim’s head that were definitely caused while he was alive.

Antonis, a man with autism, had tried to board the ferry as the ramp was still down. He was pushed by a crew member into the churning water created by the departing ferry’s engines and subsequently drowned. (more on KTG’s earlier report)

The crew member just watched how Antonis being swallowed by the vortex and being swept away and turned his back, while passengers from two ferries were screaming at him.

“He watched as if a ball had fallen into the water and not a human being,” a shocked passenger told media.

Despite the tragedy, the ferry departed for Heraklio, Crete, as if nothing had happened. However it was reported to the Port Authority by passengers who also filmed this act of unprecedented brutality and cruelty.

Passengers claimed to media that they went to inform the captain about what had happened but he refused to meet with them.

A prosecutor ordered the return of the Blue Horizon ferry and police arrested four crew members and the captain, following testimonies by the passengers and other crew members. At least three crew members and the captain face charges of manslaughter.

Worth noting that there were three members of the crew at the ramp deck, an officer on the bridge in charge to monitor the ferry was ready to sail, while the captain was able to monitor via cameras what was going on at the ramp deck.

The crew violated the highest ethic value among sailors to “save a man overboard.”

Also at least two port authority officers should have been at the dock to check the departure was made by the book. it turned out that the Port Authority was informed about the incident by passengers and not the officer in charge.

Sources of the Port Authority told media that an official was in the area but not in front of the boarding ramp. They added the ramp should be up before the ship’s engines are turned on, and the Port Authority has registered the violation.

Note that everyone who has sailed with ferries have often seen them sail away with the ramp down.

The Shipping Minister ordered a thorough investigation on the issue with many questions still open and for which minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis told ANT1 TV on Wednesday evening that he has no answers yet.

The brutal act has triggered an outrage in the Greek society but also among professional sailors who have condemned it.

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  1. “Note that everyone who has sailed with ferries have often seen them sail away with the ramp down.”
    Precisely!! I have seen that countless times.

  2. The Blue Horizon seamen showed a callous disregard for human life – firstly as they executed their inexplicable crime, then by sailing off as if it was a normal ferry departure, and finally when the Captain refused to meet with passengers who had witnessed the fatal incident. The trauma for Antonis’ family – knowing their loved one was pushed into the sea and left to die in an act of homicide which was filmed, verifiying the seamens’ indifference to a man drowning in front of them, is unimaginable.

  3. I knew Adoni from Agios Nikolaos, he was always happy and smiling and helping people. I have just realised who this poor man was after seeing a photo of him. I’m shocked that he died in such a terrible way and I’m disgusted at the crew of the ferry, including the captain. I hope they are all severely punished and carry with them what they have done for the rest of their miserable lives.
    Rest well Adoni and be at peace now.