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Severe floods in Central Greece ‘drown’ dozens of villages, evacuations still due (picts, vids)

Dozens of villages in the regions of Karditsa and Trikala in the plain of Thessaly in central Greece have been flooded with the water reaching a height of up to 3 meters. Hundreds of desperate people are on roof tops waiting for rescue that it currently seems impossible.

There are media reports about three missing families with children.

While the villages have been flooded since 4 o’ clock on Thursday morning, no rescue teams have arrived due to the water level, as the Fire Service spokesman said.

The phenomenon is developing, with the water level to rise every 10 minutes, state broadcaster ERT reported.

Trapped people, incalculable damage to crops and livestock and homes swept away by the power of water.

In some areas, residents are unable to get out of their houses due to the height of the water.

An old man seen to have left his home on an old boat. A post on social media said that the 80-year-old man was seeking to evacuate people on roof tops.

Especially dramatic is the situation in the town of Palamas, where residents are trying to get out of their flooded homes and rescue children and pets on beach mattresses.

Video: The man filming the scene angrily shouts “Look at the children. Where is the Army? The fire service should come her. Some people in charge should come out. They have drown us. Look at the children, at these little souls!”

According to Mega TV, three families with children have been missing in the village of Rizovouni, Karditsa.

In their desperation, residents of flooded villages call on TV channels and radio stations calling for help.

Others seek help on social media, like an old woman with mobility problems and her son-in-law.

A man said that the house where his elderly neighbor was living alone has disappeared.

“The dam of Stavros has been broken, the water is coming with enormous speed. Every 10 minutes you hear a house collapsing. Many people are trapped. I have asked for help, they told us in 2 hours they will send a boat. Right now it’s like there’s an endless sea,” the man has been quoted as saying.

The mayor of Palamas, Giorgos Sakellariou, told local media “no help had come, there are hundredts of people trapped in their flooded homes.”

He pointed out that he called for the Fire Service rescue teams EMAK already on Wednesday, thus wondering how they would gain access to the flooded area. He added that he called for helicopters for the people’s evacuaton and warned “People will drown!”


-Pinios river is beginning to overflow flooding villages in Trikala.
-Litheos river that crosses the city of Trikala has overflowed towards neighborhoods of the city.

The deputy governor of Trikala, Christos Michalakis, in statements to state-run news agency amna called for special equipment to be sent to rescue people.

He spoke of many landslides in the mountain massif, stressing that “our mountains are coming down.

Fearing the worst today

Competent services reportedly fear of the worst as the rain water that has gathered in the mountainous mass and whether this water will be channeled towards the lowlands, so the situation that will be created will be very difficult for the lowland areas.

Storm weather Daniel with its devastating impact in Greece is forecast to ease as of Thursday evening, September 7, 2023.

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