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Turkish nationals arrested for espionage in Navy station on Poros

Two Turkish nationals were arrested for espionage after they were seen flying a drone over a Navy station on the island of Poros, south of Athens, last Saturday, police sources said Monday.

The two suspects then left the island but police located and arrested them in Monemvasia, a town in the region of Laconia, on the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula.

It all started when last Saturday, September 16, when personnel of the Navy training center in Poros noticed a drone flying in a place where it is prohibited, due to the existence of the military installations.

Camp staff saw not only the drone, but also the two suspicious men flying it.

According to media information, there is also a relevant video of their presence in the area.

Immediately the camp officials informed the Police, filed a complaint and gave detailed descriptions of the two men who were the operators of the drone and who managed to disappear before the police forces and Armed Forces patrol arrived at the scene.

The police were then alerted and the descriptions of the two missing men were given to police agencies across the country.

A day later, on Sunday, September 17, the two Turkish nationals  were spotted during an police check in Monemvasia, south Peloponnese.

Eventually the two men were arrested for espionage, while the National Intelligence Service immediately took over the investigation.

What is worrying about the seriousness of the case concerns the fact that the two Turkish nationals allegedly ran away as soon as they realized they had been spotted by the camp officials.

Police informed Greece’s Intelligence Service EYP which is examining the recorded material to assess the seriousness of the incident.

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