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School boy injured when railing gives way and he falls 5m deep (video)

A 13-year-old school boy has been seriously injured when he leaned against the railings and fell on the ground from a height of 5 meters. the incident occurred at Monday noon in a high school of Lamia, Central Greece.

According to local media reports, the boy was in the back yard and went to sit with his back against the railings, as reported by the testimonies of other children. Then the protective grid gave way and he found himself in the void from a height of at least 5 meters!

There was panic at the scene with the Principal and teachers rushing to help the student who was initially unconscious.

An ambulance arrived while the injured child was beginning to regain consciousness and transferred him to the General Hospital of Lamia.


The boy has suffered severe fractures on his legs and bruises on the face. He is expected to be transferred to a Children hospital in Athens during the day, MEGA TV reported early Monday evening.

Access to the site has been temporarily closed to prevent another accident. An inspection by experts about the condition of all railings is to take place.

Municipalities are in charge for the school buildings including their maintenance.

Police investigates the incident.

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