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Dozens of people remain trapped in their village demolished by storm

350 residents in Drakeia village on Mt Pilion remain trapped and without access to the road network, due to the disasters caused by the bad weather Elias.

Trekking in the village of Pelion is shocking, as the only way to approach the area is on foot, passing over debris.

The village is emitting a danger signal and the residents are anxious for their place, which is located right between Chania and Agria. The roads leading to the village, which are cut in two. The locals cannot move with their vehicles, so every day they have to walk 10 kilometers to Agria in order to be able to get basic necessities, including water and food.

But, as strange as it sounds, there are families who remain trapped even in their own homes, because of a bridge that was destroyed and has blocked any access away from their door, reports news website that visited the village.

pilio drakeia 4

Locals said that the only way for them to reach the road is through a collapsed slope.

“We are in despair. The small bridge that leads to our residences was demolished and any access even inside our village was cut off. In order to get to the road, we have to cross the slope on foot and hold on to the trees”, Katerina, the owner of the house said.

pilio drakeia

She added that she had sent an out-of-court complaint to the competent authorities in the past complaining for the bad workmanship of the project, especially under the little bridge.

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Katerina’s fears were confirmed, with the image of destruction revealing: Ruined road, cobblestones, steps. A chaos and in the midst of it, Katerina and her husband, who still live in a residence categorized “red”, that is “uninhabitable” that is in danger  of being swept away by the slope at any time due to erosion and the cracks that have been created.

“We live by luck”

Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή.

A house in Drakeia village has been torn from its foundations by rushing torrents and was moved at least half a meter.

This is also the second unsuitable house in the village, with the occupants describing the moment when the waters invaded their residence.

“It was about 6 in the morning. We woke up to the intense noise that covered the area. We found that part of the slope is being uprooted and with it our house. We quickly went out to escape. We have succeeded and are living on luck, but the house is now ready to collapse. That is, with the next rain, no one knows what consequences we will face”, the owner said.

Producers are desperate

Drakeia is a place of production of the famous fruits of mt Pilion, especially apples.

Farmers, however, are watching their crops wither because of the damaged roads, as they cannot reach their farms. The president of the village, Nikos Kapelas, underlined the need to support the producers.

“We live from this. The income for 80% of the village comes from production. The problem with the road network must be fixed at all costs so that we can harvest the apples, chestnuts and other crops,” he added.

Storm ELIAS hit the area on September 26, 2023, just two weeks after storm DANIEL.

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