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Homophobic rant by Volos Mayor against SYRIZA leader (video)

Supreme Court Prosecutor launched an investigation into the homophobic remarks made by the re-elected Mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos, against Stefanos Kasselakis, the leader of Greece’s main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA.

After securing re-election with 55.02% on Sunday, Beos addressed his supporters with vulgar remarks against Kasselakis and thus live on TV.

“Our country has been governed by doctors and lawyers who have impoverished our homeland and its people. Instead of journalists addressing substantive matters, they are focused on Kasselakis. He said that because he doesn’t know how to treat girls he will adopt two boys. So what do you want to say? That the rest of us, Greeks, will adopt children and produce f**s? Is this the state of my homeland? What kind of progressives are you?” Beos said while the crowd was laughing and cheering.

Beos was referring to Kasselakis’ statement a few days ago that he wants to have two boys with his partner.


Prompt was Kasselakis’ reaction who said that justice should intervene.

Monday morning the prosecutor intervened indeed and the ordered investigation  is being conducted under the provisions of Greece’s anti-racism legislation.

Investigation should reportedly examine whether the mayor’s statements had the potential to incite discrimination, hatred, and violence against a specific group of individuals based on their sexual orientation, particularly targeting homosexuals.
Additionally, it urges the relevant judicial authorities to consider the possibility of Stefanos Kasselakis lodging a formal legal complaint.

Kassellakis is openly gay and has also a civil partnership contract with his partner.

SYRIZA has called on PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis to condemn Beos’ homophobic rant.

Even if Beos is found guilty to have violated the law, the crime is a misdemeanor and he cannot be deprived of his mayor’s post, Skai TV reported.
The mayor of Volos is known for being a ruthless bully, who does not hesitate to punch or beat anyone crossing his way who criticizes him.

Monday morning and following the outrage Beos appeared unrepentant, repeated the word “f@@s” and told ANT! TV:

“”If some people were offended by the word f**s, then I take it back,” he said adding that he was referring only to Kasselakis.

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  1. Whatever about Beos, there is an agenda to close down freedom of speech and opinions. Whilst he might be a bully and a trog, there is a dangerous movement afoot driven by certain lobby groups, the media and politicians.

  2. Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech are two different things.