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Former Ministers signal departure from SYRIZA

Former SYRIZA minister Giorgos Stathakis has signaled his departure from the main opposition party, leveling accusations against the new party leader Stefanos Kasselakis and his close circle of advisors for their “anti-leftist hysteria.”

In an op-ed published on the News24/7 website on Wednesday, titled “Bidding farewell to a SYRIZA that no longer exists,” Stathakis lamented that “unfortunately, there is no room for the left in the party.”

He goes on to characterize the new leader as an “apolitical, fluid figure… Possessing nothing more than vague notions about the country’s history, politics, Europe, political ideologies, New Democracy’s positions on ‘major issues,’ geopolitics, and even the SYRIZA government itself.”

Stathakis further asserts, “Kasselakis is buying into the Trumpian fantasy of establishing a direct connection with the masses, where he proclaims, ‘I communicate with society directly and have no need for the party’.”

“Amidst a backdrop of derision, populism seems resolute in its determination to advance through any means necessary.

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