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COVID Day 19: State of mind, energy and taste

Dear KTG readers, I want to thank you for one more time for your wishes and concerns about my health and brief you about the latest state of mind, energy and affected taste.

On Covid day 19 the general situation is all in all better, much better indeed than the previous two weeks, even though I still need to sleep 10-12 hours at night and 2 hours at least during the day.

“Sleep is the best medicine” – next to chicken soup, of course! – my two grannies  and my great-granny used to say.

Physically I do better, managing to fulfill some minor tasks at home like cooking soup ( I would never allow anyone else to mingle with my soup!), cutting Chinese cabbage and mix lime sauce , putting staff in the dish washer, feeding the cats twice per day, cleaning office desk from tons of useless papers.

However, my trembling legs still need human help at the shower and hair washing.

Worth mentioning is that I use this home-bound time to fix some things that were due long ago with the effect that everyday I have at least one phone call where I “shout” quite powerful and angrily at private services personnel (diagnostic centers, telecommunication company etc) that refuses to do their work and make my life more difficult than already is currently. I’ve realized I have become less tolerant and my patience limits are extremely narrow since that Covid infection.

Does Covid make you angry? I’ve read it does.

Taste distortion, Parosmia, is still here, it changes over the hours, the day and the week. I am still unable to eat bread, pasta, sweets or anything with starch and a lovely taste of fresh paper napkins. Suddenly oranges have a black pepper smell and taste, while bananas taste like bananas again and not like benzine as they did last week… This neurological situation is kind of funny, however, not funny enough because how can I gain weight without bread and sweets? That’s the real frustration, folks.

I’m still stuck with Chinese/Japanese cuisine and rice, even for breakfast, next to my famous chicken soup. Coffee taste has improved 🙂

My state of energy keeps loading day by day and that’s a very important and good and very positive thing to see some change taking place and not just sit there  and wait I don’t know what for.

I have been thinking to start posting again but this fatigue and shortage of concentration remains an obstacle on Covid day 19.

I may post something later to see if it can work and keep a steady pace in the next days.

Let’s hope I’ll manage even if my inner voice tells me to still concentrate on small and easy physical tasks and forget about ‘thinking’ or deal with unpleasant news massively taking place in this country.

On the bright side: Christmas is in less than a week and this years xmas goal is to spend time watching children films, eat smoked salmon and roe eggs and get drunk with Prosecco.

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  1. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Don’t worry, the bad news (is there ever any good?) can wait.

    Hard I know, but be patient, the bug takes a ridiculously long time to clear the body. As you know, sleep – lots of it, chicken soup, cats and prosecco are THE medicines of choice.

    The brain fog (good descriptor) will eventually clear. So don’t push yourself – we’ll still be here, wishing you the best .
    Happier holidays!

    • Happy holidays to you too, glad you agree with my personal medicine choices. Some onject prosecco but little do they know…

  2. Glad you are slowly getting better. Rest and sleep are the most important things at the moment.

  3. Kali sou mera, I had Covid exactly one year ago, and even with triple vaccinations, I was knocked out for at least 10 days, with a kind of depression for the next 2-3 months.
    My infection knocked me out within only a couple of hours, from having fun on a pre Xmas party to shivering cold in 3 hours. Never had such experiences before in my life. I couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay flat, the bones started hurting after few seconds.
    I had no taste issues, I was hungry all the time, especially for very spiced foods like kebab or asian.

    So, περαστικά, get well soon and drink some hot Τσιπορο 😂

    • huh. Glad to read I’m not the only one with Asian food (it makes sense as the virus is Chinese.) Hot tsipouro will knoff me off for a month…

  4. Welcome back. My Covid last year was nothing like yours, although I still feel very tired sometimes. Get angry, rail against the system, you will feel better and stay young.

  5. Good to hear that you are getting better, but it will take time and some things might never be the same as they were before. Don’t exert yourself. Take plenty of vitamins, zinc and omega-3. All the best.

  6. Happy holidays..Good health.Take care 😊

  7. glad to hear you are feeling better and hope you can enjoy christmas

  8. hope you continue to recover quickly and enjoy christmas

  9. Generally good news ! Glad you are making a good recovery..put it down to your secret recipes,(when the time is right you will be able to sell them) and keep putting the “staff” in the dishwasher..sounds like a great idea !! Merry Christmas.