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Snowfalls in Greece: Updated weather warning, sailing ban, gale-force winds

Second day of the bad weather front in Greece on Sunday with snowfalls and big temperature drop of even more than 10 degrees Celsius within 24 hours. Snowfalls may weaken as of the night, however, gale-force winds will remain forcing distortions in the sea traffic at least until Monday morning.

Schools in several areas of northern Greece will be closed on Monday, January 22, 2024.

The updated weather warning issued by the National Meteorological Service EMY forecast further temperature drop in the south of the country and stormy winds up to 9 Beaufort [details see below]

The use of anti-skid chains is mandatory on most of the provincial and also the national road network, while in many places the traffic of trucks over 3.5 tons has been prohibited.

Meteorologist warn of frost in the following days, especially in northern Greece.

From Tuesday, however, temperature is expected to rise again.



Snowfalls, partly heavy, have occurred in Macedonia, Halkidiki and Pelion in Central Greece.


In Chania Pelion, the snow reached thirty cm, with snow plows to have been are feverishly working to keep the roads open, while shopkeepers are clearing snow from the sidewalks. Many hikers arrived early in the morning to enjoy the snowy landscape. However, those who did not have the appropriate equipment had difficulty on the mountain roads.

Snow plow drivers have been working non-stop in the mountainous network of Halkidiki.


The snowfall was also heavy in Florina and Kozani, western Macedonia.

Aiani by Kozani via


Light snow fell in Thessaloniki and heavier in nearby Hortiatis, with the snow-covered chimneys constantly sending smoke up in the sky.


A sailing ban was put into effect by the Shipping Ministry from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio on Sunday morning, due to gale-force winds in sea areas, where winds have being blowing with intensity of 9 Beaufort.

Banned were also some routes in the Saronic Gulf

Closed were also the connections: Marina – Styra, Volos – Sporades, Kavala – Prinos Thassos and Alexandroupoli – Samothraki.

According to the port authority, the morning route will be operated only on the Keramoti – Limenas Thassos line.

***Those planning to travel by sea should contact local port authorities and travel agents.


Increased clouds on Sunday with rain and storms in places strong in the eastern Aegean islands, the Dodecanese and Crete, as well as in the early morning hours in eastern Thessaly, Thrace and possibly the Sporades islands.

Snowfall will occur in places in northern Greece even in the lowlands, in Thessaly and Central Greece in the mountains and semi-mountains and in the Peloponnese, Evia and Crete in the mountains. They will gradually stop in Thrace and from noon in Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly.

The winds will blow north northeast 6-8 Beaufort and in the Aegean Sea locally 9 Beaufort.In the southeast Aegean winds will initially blow south southeast 5-7 B gradually turning to north with the same intensity. A gradual weakening of the winds is expected in the west from noon.

Temperature will drop significantly throughout the country and will range from -6° Celsius to +8 degrees in the north, in the Ionian, the northern Aegean. In the rest of the mainland it will be 12-14 degrees and in the rest of the island country it will reach 17-19 degrees Celsius.

Frost will be noted in continental areas, in the morning and evening hours, which in the northwest will be strong locally.

On Monday, January 22, 2024, light local snowfalls will occur in the mountains of Sterea, Evia, Peloponnese and Crete, EMY warned on its updated weather warning.

From noon, snowfalls will be gradually limited only to the mountains of Crete.

Indicative maps

χάρτης πρόγνωσηςχάρτης πρόγνωσης

χάρτης πρόγνωσης

χάρτης πρόγνωσης

χάρτης πρόγνωσης

sources: EMY, ERT,

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  1. Nice pictures. Reminded me of when I used to live in northern Greece. I miss the people there but I certainly don’t miss the winter weather.

    • I was thinking the same i.e. nice pictures (that reminded me of my long ago childhood in the UK BUT, thank goodness I live in Crete. I think the last time we had snow virtually at sea level was January 2017 – it only lasted about 3 days but it really helped to re-balance nature by killing off various parasitic type creatures (but not politicians I might add!)

  2. Lucky you, guys!! You should live in Scandinavia, a “fight” every winter… Wish I had done as you, moved to Greece when I still had the option and possibility…How I hate this snow and ice!!!