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Hellenic Train CEO M. Capotorto to be investigated for perjury

Hellenic Train CEO Maurizio Capotorto will be investigated for perjury by a prosecutor,  after his testimony over the Tempι train accident in the parliamentary inquiry.

Maurizio Capotorto, an Italian national, testified last week that those responsible for the railway infrastructure are the ones responsible for any derailments and accidents, meaning the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) and particularly the stationmaster.

Some lawmakers said that the stationmaster had health issues. When asked by the committee’s head on the issues, Capotorto replied that he was not aware of any statistics relating to the issue. “

The prosecutor’s investigation was launched upon lawmakers request, as they noted that the CEO lied on some parts of his testimony and left other parts unclear.

Main opposition SYRIZA MPs called his testimony “insulting” and raising perjury suspicions” and noted that “while it is obvious that the automated safety systems were not working, he claimed that they were not simply functional”.

“For this reason, we proposed that his testimony shoulf be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Appeal, to which all parties, including the ruling majority, agreed,” the said in a statement.

Ruling New Democracy MP Lazaros Tsavdaridis said Capotorto’s comment was insulting, adding that the CEO did not apolologize and put all the blame to the station master.

Hellenic Train is being scrutinized for shortcomings resulting to the country’s deadliest train collision, but OSE subsidiaries are also being investigated.

ERGOSE, a subsidiary of OSE that is responsible building and maintaining railway infrastructure, had 15 of its employees brought before the appeals prosecutor’s office in Larissa, central Greece, on Monday.

According to state broadcaster ERT, managers and board members of ERGOSE are among those.

They are accused, among others, of repeatedly neglecting safety transportation standards as well as misdemeanours leading to manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. [kathimerini, others]

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