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Farmers determined to move their tractors to Athens

Farmers in Greece remain at the roadblocks they have set up and continuing their protest actions, sending a message of mobilization escalation to the government.

Farmers from Halkidiki lined up their tractors along the national highway Moudanian – Thessaloniki, bound for Thessaloniki. They were planning to deliver a resolution with their demands to the Ministry of Macedonia Thrace.

At the height of Lakomas, the tractors convoy on the way to the National highway was blocked by riot police squads. The farmers cut the bars, finding a passage through the fields in order to reach Thessaloniki.

In Aigialeia, Peloponnese, blocked roads with their horses. VIDEO:

Farmers’ representatives said on Monday that they were unhappy with the government’s proposals on addressing their various issues and will announce how their protests will proceed, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Late last week, the government announced some measures -such as funding of solar panels installation, a 10% discount on power PPC tariffs for the critical growing months of the year, a ten-year debt settlement of all the country’s land improvement organizations and state coverage of 75% of debts especially in Thessaly, which the farmers consider as insufficient.

Earlier today, the government spokesman stated that “the measures are based on the budgetary margins.” He added that “the government’s resources are not “limitless, and thus no further measures are being planned.”

The farmers responded that the government can in fact give more, it only does not want to do so.

Farmers in Thessaly responded that they were not to blame for the floods in September 2023 and called on the government to compensate their loss of crops, livestock, and destroyed machinery, and to drain the many still-flooded farms and crop fields, before this year’s planting and growing season. They warned that failure to do so will result in a massive drop of agricultural goods production this year.

Farmers from several regions are determined to escalate their struggle and are planning to move with the tractors to Greek capital Athens, while they will block traffic on national highways for several hours.They have warned that “Athens will see such scenes as in other European capitals.”

Αγρότες έκλεισαν την εθνική οδό Αθηνών – Λαμίας και στα δύο ρεύματα κυκλοφορίας στο ύψος της Αταλάντης

Citing protesters, Star TV reported that there are also plans to block highway tolls in order to prevent trucks transporting food items from abroad. “People should buy food items grown and produced here,” they reportedly said.

Crucial decisions are to be taken tomorrow, Tuesday, when representatives of farmers’ unions and organizations will meet in Nikaia by Larissa, central Greece.


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