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“Fireball meteor” spotted in the night sky above Athens (video)

The colors of the night sky in Athens were changed into green when a “fireball” meteor passed through the atmosphere on Sunday night and thus towards the dawn of Monday.

As seen in the video uploaded by Forecast Weather, the impressive meteor appeared for a few seconds over the sky of Athens, tore the sky and disappeared in the space after it created a green glow.

What is a meteor

In astronomy, a meteor is any luminous phenomenon that appears in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of the entry into it of a meteoroid, i.e. a rocky body that can be from a few millimeters to several meters in size. The movement of the meteoroid at high speed and the friction of its surface with the molecules of the atmosphere results in the intense ionization of the air molecules and, usually, the consequent emission of light radiation.

When the meteoroid does not completely vent in the atmosphere or explode, it reaches the ground and if it is large enough it creates a crater.

The part of the meteoroid that ends up on the ground is called a meteorite.

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  1. Oh dear, is this the green sixth horseman of the apocalypse?