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Zakynthos: Man arrested for beating, forcefully terminating his partner pregnancy

Police arrested a 27-year-old man in Zakynthos, western Greece, on Wednesday for beating his 19-year-old pregnant partner and forcibly given her drugs to terminate her pregnancy. The young woman was two months pregnant.

The unprecedented incident took place on Tuesday evening, when the 27-year-old perpetrator, an Albanian national, went to the young girl’s home where she lived with her parents. He reportedly told her to follow him to some of his friends who would become the child’s godparents.

According to information, the couple’s relations have been strained in recent days, as a result of which the local girl left the house she lived with the 27-year-old and returned to her paternal home.

Αnyway, they kept occasional contact and after under the pretext of his friends visited on Tuesday night, he drover her to his home in the village Tsivili.

He asked the girl to spend the night together, and when she refused, the perpetrator forcefully carried her to his bed, tied her hands with a rope and forced her to drink two pills and pushed one through the vagina. in order to cause chemical abortion of the fetus.

A few hours after his heinous act and in the early hours of Wednesday the perpetrator took the victim to the hospital. There, after taking away her mobile phone, he then told her not to say anything to anyone, he threatened her and left.

The victim underwent several tests which diagnosed that she was six weeks pregnant and the fetus had just been aborted.

Speaking to website from hospital, the 19-year-old victim said that the man who was with since last August was not positive to the news of her pregnancy and their relationship became tense.

“He threatened me if I left. He was telling me that he had murdered a 15-year-old in Albania and that he left there because of a vendetta. He was jealous of me, he wouldn’t let me go out with friends. He wanted me to quit my job as well. I loved him very much and did nothing to him. I don’t know why he did this to me. It was a week since we broke up, and I returned to my parents’ home.”

She added that the man had targeted and threatened also her grandmother and other members of her family had also been targeted by the 27-year-old. “He said it was my grandmother’s fault for telling me to stay at home because she could see he was nervous. He said I will slaughter your grandmother! He told me: If you don’t come, I will kill you, the child and I will kill myself.”

After the girl’s statement, the police located and arrested her partner who faces charges for domestic violence, termination of pregnancy, dangerous bodily harm and theft, after he snatched the victim’s mobile phone.

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