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Protesting farmers empty manure at gov’t building (videos)

Angry farmers in western Greece dumped a truck loaded with manure and hay outside the building of the regional government in Messolonghi on Tuesday.

Employees were inside the building as the action was taking place.

The farmers of the regional unit of  Aitoloakarnania were apparently inspired by their Belgian colleagues who sprayed with manure police officers a day earlier.

Angry about the government for refusing to meet their demands, the farmers in western Greece spend the night inside with their tractors in Messolonghi.

After their protest action on Tuesday, they left and marched with their agricultural machinery.

The local fire service was reportedly called in to clean the sh*tty mess.

Farmers of Agrinio and Messolonghi will continue their mobilizations in the coming days, however, without blocking roads.

The majority of protesting farmers across Greece are reportedly to move in the same direction, that is without road blockades. but continue pressure against the government, probably with the closure customs stations for trucks transporting imported goods in the country.

Farmers in Larissa set hay balls and tires on fire on Tuesday, local media report. Police detained three people for the blaze that was extinguished by the Fire Service. The three were released.

The farmers said that they will return to their fields and continue with other forms of protest.

Active remain the farmers in Thessaly, the area that was flooded and destroyed in September 2023.

The next mobilization is scheduled in Kileler, Thessaly, on March 10.

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