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1+1 month extension for cash register-integrated POS terminals

Greece’s Finance Ministry and the Public Revenue authority (AADE) announced an extension of 1+1 months for businesses to integrate their POS terminals with cash registers, so that it can be completed without technical problems.

The decision announced on Thursday  was taken following the demands of POS and cash register suppliers, as well as the businesses, in order to accommodate the demands of a complex, multi-level effort.

Significant progress has been made so far, with 85% of POS systems and cash registers upgraded and more than 60,000 integrations completed.

Another 20,000 appointments have been booked in the following days.

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  1. Screw the cards, use cash less to the banks and more to the ppl and businesses.

    • hear, hear! a second to that for sure!
      these neverending new ‘measures’ every time more extreme and insane, to try to force people one way or another into the electronic prison, while they will eventually fail, they are only destroying the economy in the meantime.
      but i think it’s obvious that the current ruling class would rather be kings of the titanic and take us all down to the bottom with them, rather than be merely rich and comfortable in a society where ordinary people are also free and able to make a decent living. we’ll only really see improvements once they _do_ go down with the ship theyre so earnestly trying to sink.