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Homophobic mob attacks transgender people in N. Greece (VIDs)

Shocking attack by a homophobic mob against two member of the LGBT+ community in downtown Thessaloniki on Saturday night. Over 150 people chased and mocked the two transgender people, threw stones, bottles and other objects at them.

The victims both aged 21 were walking on Aristotelous Square at 10:30 p.m., when they were initially verbally attacked by a large group of people, then they were thrown bottles and physically assaulted.

When the victims found “shelter” in a restaurant to protect themselves, the mob continued to harass them, banging at the window-glass, urging the staff to sent them out. The harassment continued even when police forces arrived at the scene.

Several videos show the mob chasing the two transgender victims with fury and hatred.

Eyewitnesses who were in front of the racist attack, posted on social media that the attackers started chasing the two transgender people in order to beat them.

On videos,  the attackers can be heard booing the two victims, with citizens defending them saying “don’t mind them guys, they didn’t do anything to you”, but the attack continued with bottles being thrown.

Speaking to news website, one of the victims who was hit on the head said that that they were walking on Aristotelous square, when “out of nowhere, several groups of people started approaching us, whistling, cursing us. There were hundreds. Others say there were 200 people, others 300. I was personally spat on, one pulled my jacket, they pushed us, they threw bottles at us.”

According to the victim, the restaurant staff clashed with the mob inside the facility.

Θεσσαλονίκη: Το ξέσπασμα του τρανς ατόμου που δέχτηκε την ομοφοβική επίθεση – “Δεν θα μείνετε ατιμώρητοι” (video) – Thestival

On TikTok, the victim appeals to eyewitnesses to testify to police and help with the investigation.

“If we didn’t rescue them they would be in hospital – We might have had a dead person”

“Fortunately, the two children [common description for young people in Greece] found shelter in a restaurant. Despite this, the perpetrators came and were banging on the windows shouting “send them outside and we will take care of them”. If we didn’t helped them, the children would be in the hospital. We might as well have had a dead one. The ferocity was unprecedented. The crowd was running, thirsty for violence,” an eyewitness to the incident described to local media

Police statement: 11 minors among 21 arrestees

In a statement Greek police said that the mob consisted of at least 150 people. 25 were detained, for 21 of them the detention turned into arrest and case files were filed. Among the arrestees are 11 minors and 10 adults, while a case file was filed against them. The youngest is 15 years old.

The Department for Combating Racist Violence of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki filed against the 9 Greeks and 12 foreigner nationals [from Albania and Georgia] , for the offense of simple bodily harm committed and attempted, insult and threat, in combination with the aggravating case of of article 82A of the Criminal Code “Crime with racist characteristics”. They all are to be taken to prosecutor on Monday, reported

The victims gave testimonies to police and then went to hospital for tests.

The shocking incident was condemned by the mayor of Thessaloniki Stelios Angeloudis.

Residents of Thessaloniki criticized police for not intervening in time, as there is a police station at Aristotelous square.

Later on Sunday, media reported that the minors were released by order of the prosecutor, while their parents will be investiagted.

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  1. This sort of behaviour should not be tolerated.Those poor kids must have been petrified.😡
    How are people bringing up their children these day,to join gangs and terrorize people!!

  2. This is horrible!
    But why does almost every article describe this as homophobic? There’s a difference between being gay and being transgender, and so this would be transphobic!
    150! Sh*t!

  3. Not one of these mobsters should be let away with this, regardless of age.