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Priest arrested for inciting the shooting of stray dogs and animal lovers

Police arrested a 50-year-old priest in the village of Heraklion, as he incited the shooting of stay animals and animal lovers.

In a post on local electronic media, the priest incited to the shooting on the occasion of the news about the killing of 70 lambs allegedly by stray dogs in a village of the Municipality of Gortyna, news website reported.

The priest wrote in the comments section that both stray dogs and animal lovers should be shot!

His comment caught the attention of animal lovers who filed a complaint against him.

Authorities located him and arrested him for the offense of incitement to commit crimes of violence.

Afterwards and after the Archdiocese of Crete was also informed, the priest was released.

For his part, and after the issue became serious, he apologized and stated that he is not a violent person and that he in no way wanted to cause a disturbance.

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  1. Feral dogs in Greece are a serious problem. I don’t go cycling because of them. Real animal lovers do not let their dogs roam.
    Crete again. Their was a lot of truth in “Zorbas” about the culture of the society there.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      stray dogs do not belong to animal lovers.

      • michele lavender

        Im afraid that most stray dogs do not and never did belong to person or persons,animal lovers or not,they are a result of street breeding which is never ending here in Greece and they can become very angry and aggressively protective of the area they consider theirs,you in it is usually not acceptable

    • Stray dogs are not a problem! They would never ever attack anyone unless provoked! So while you are cycling, just do not provoke them! You are probably cycling too slow or too fast, or maybe it is something you are wearing!

      And if you have to provoke them, just carry like twenty lambs or rabbits with you! By the time they will kill all lambs or rabbits, you will have time to leave!

    • The Culture of Greece…🤔
      Once upon a time cats and dogs were treated as they belong to community.
      They were not a thread.
      Nowadays humans selfishness is Only about themselves,no nature,not a single animal are worth nothing.
      Travelled A lot in Crete and NeverEver has Any stray dog,or cat attacked.Just neuter your pets There,The suffering of All those Will Be ended,and you can eat your meal peacefully…

  2. “Their was a lot of truth in “Zorbas” about the culture of the society there.”

    I loved Zorba the Greek – I fell in love with Anthony Quinn (who is from Peru I believe) 🙂

    Truly feral dogs are a nightmare for anyone who has any livestock, (including chickens). I’m in Crete and they usually get shot but inevitably sometimes mistakes happen.

  3. michele lavender

    Alam,stray dogs can be a huge problem and they sure do attack unprovoked,try walking out very early morning in the semi dark or very dark near a park perhaps or shop doorways….they will all come out like bats out of hell and sink their teeth into your legs like insane creatures,thats what happens here in Aigaleo,it cannot be a one off meeting,my village above Loutraki is also insane or the dogs are and one can really have enough of it,something needs to be done,Im not wanting to kill lambs and rabbits,i think they prefer people anyway especially anyone trying to have a quiet little bike ride,get your legs insured.

  4. He apologized and said he was not a violent person so I guess that makes it alright then….NOT. Especially when you are with the clergy spreading Jesus’ message of love…

  5. The problem is not the stray dogs, it is the human who does not care for their dog and the government being apathetic to the problem.
    A dog being on the street is not the dogs fault but the human who abandoned it, refused to get it neutered, left it on the street or discarded the dog after he was not useful to him anymore.
    It is a serious problem (just like with the cats) and a danger. It is a problem that must be solved by the government and society.
    If you want everyone to be safe, including your animals, start by taking care of them.
    Don’t treat them as objects but as living beings and take responsibility.

  6. Organised religion and the problems it causes worldwide do far more damage than stray dogs. A so called man of the cloth. What a hypocrite! Perhaps if certain countries followed an official neutering programme and stuck to it there would be less stray dogs around.