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Dozens of school children with food poisoning in central Greece

Dozens of elementary school children in Lamia, central Greece, have shown symptoms of food poisoning after they consumed a meal offered by the assigned catering service, state broadcaster ERT reported on Friday.

Parents are in outrage and prepare to file law suits.

At least 15 children showed symptoms of poisoning, four of them and one teacher have sought help in a hospital due to severe symptoms. They were checked, given advice and released.

The exact number of poisoned children and school personnel currently remains unknown, as many parents and personnel simply followed the advise of doctors without visiting a hospital.

According to local media, the meal “pasta with minced meat” was consumed on Thursday and it was offered by a catering company that is assigned to distribute school lunches to various elementary schools in the city of Lamia.

The meal in question: “Linguini with minced meat” via

Indicatively, only in the 7th Primary School there are at least 15 registered poisoning cases, with persistent vomiting and diarrhea, while the number of children with similar symptoms from the Moschohori Primary School and the 14th Primary School is also large.

“Within less than half an hour after eating the food from the package (spaghetti with minced meat) my little boy collapsed from stomach pain and started vomiting. It had changed its color,” a mother of an 8-year-old child said.

“My son goes to primary school, but it was my 3-year-old daughter who tried the food and immediately started vomiting,” another mother said.

“I’m going to file a lawsuit today,” the father of an 8-year-old threatened, adding that the child spent the entire previous day vomiting and diarrhea.

The Association of Parents and Guardians of the 7th Primary School already moved to inform the Primary Prosecutor’s Office requesting intervention to protect their children.

“We lived through a real nightmare,” a mother told the local media, as the group of parents gathered outside the prosecutor’s office at noon on Friday.

Another parent said that there have been several complaints by parents to the Association about the food quality of the school lunches compered to the one the previous year.

“Parents complained about the food smell, its appearance, about packages already a bit opened, but we didn’t pay attention thinking a child had eaten something else, outside the school lucnh and felt kind of sick,” the man said.

The Directorate of Primary Education and the Regional Directorate of Education are also informed of the incident, as the school meals program is implemented throughout the prefecture of Sterea and beyond.

According to latest information, the prosecutor ordered the police to register all the cases of the mass food poisoning.

According to local, 63 food poisoning cases in 7 elementary schools have been registered, so far. the lunches are distributed in the schools but are eaten at pupils’ homes.

It is the second incident of mass food poisoning in less than two weeks, however, the incident in Peloponnese was due to a meal cooked privately.

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