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Electric buses started circulating on Athens streets

The first electric buses started to circulate on the streets of Greek capital Athens on Friday, May 17, 2024, after several delays.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras was the first “passenger” to board such a bus and take a ride.

“Today is an important day for urban transport in Athens,” Staikouras said, adding that “the electric buses are circulating, as the OSY administration and the political leadership of the ministry had promised, on the streets of Athens.”

All 140 electric buses have been integrated into the capital’s transport project.

“Of these, 46 buses are today – for the first time – serving the citizens. And in the coming weeks, the number is expected to double,” the minister said.

The electric buses have reportedly a lower footprint in terms of energy impact and environmental consequences and can serve also citizens with mobility problems.

A few days ago the test-drive of 32 buses was concluded. The tests were concluded without any problem and thus by drivers who had a special training.

The first 140 electric buses from Chinese company Yutong arrived in Athens on March, however, their chargers were missing.

Apparently this problem has been solved.

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  1. Jesusisourking

    A typo problem… Friday 17th May

    And why did you buy from China… you will keep getting problems oh dear 🙁

  2. is there anything that doesn’t come from China? Cups, saucers, buses, pandemics?