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Rare gold coin, kouros torso, other antiquities seized by police

A rare gold coin from 4. century BC and the torso of a kouros are among the ancient items confiscated by police. Three people have been arrested in Megara, Pefki and Oinofyta, western Attica.

The coin is a Stater of Ptolemy I of Egypt with a diameter of 18 millimeters, while the torso of the kouros measuring 50 X 34.5 centimeters represents a fragment of an ancient statue of immeasurable value.

A similar kouros fragment had previously been attempted to be sold at auction in the US for $20,000,000.

Police officers from the Cultural Heritage and Antiquities Department have apprehended three men, aged 54, 69 and 52, for suspected antiquities smuggling. The charges against the trio include establishing a criminal organization and violating laws pertaining to antiquities and possession of weapons.

The arrests took place last week following an undercover police operation, where an officer posed as a mediator for a potential buyer.

Initially, the 54-year-old provided photographs of antiquities for sale, and an agreement was reached to sell three items for 5,000 euros each. They arranged to meet last Thursday morning at the Megara Rest Area near Corinth, where they were apprehended.

The seized antiquities were presented to an archaeologist from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica and to a numismatist specializing in rare ancient coins. Subsequently, they were entrusted for safekeeping and final assessment to the Archaeological Museum of Megara and the Numismatic Museum of Athens.

It is believed that the same smuggling ring had attempted to sell a coin depicting the god Pan last year.

Pictures: Greek Police

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  1. so, a coin, minted in egypt over two thousand years ago, is somehow the exclusive property of the.. modern greek state? just because it was minted in egypt over two thousand years ago?

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