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New Fire Protection Regulations set property owners …on fire

New Fire Protection Regulations with heavy fines have set around one million of plot owners “on fire.” Not only because they will be burden with several extra cost but also because the government is late in

The regulations affect plots within the urban fabric that have not been cleaned of dry grasses, trees etc as well as properties located in or near forest lands, Aim is to limit the risk of fire in the summer season.

Owners are not only asked to clean the plots but also to submit a “property risk study.”

The deadline for submitting the risk study expires on May 31, however, the platform to submit it opened only late on Monday, May 27!

These owners are caught in a double bind, with the costs they have to bear being enormous in many cases.

Professional cleaning of a small plot could be 500 euros including VAT, while an extra cost should be added for the “Property Risk study” and a Technical Report with accompanied data by authorized professionals.

Those failing to comply with the new Fire Protection Regulations are threatened with a fine of at least 1,000 euros.

Despite the fact that for this year’s fire protection season it is mandatory to apply only the provisions of preventive fire protection, the voices of those who request an extension for the submission of declarations are increasing, mainly for technical reasons, notes news website on Tuesday.

Following the outrage, the Ministies of civil Protection and Citizens Protection decided to extend the deadline until June 30, 2024

The platform is to find under , entrance with the taxis net codes.

PS Good luck!

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  1. My friend just got the info on Monday- very stressful!! Why didn’t they announce this in autumn, give people the winter to clean the land? How can someone get rid of the waste now? … Another scheme to catch people and fine them €€€

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they announced it in March, final details in May. After outrage they take it back now, it seems.