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+++ Autopsy on Mosley’s body rules out criminal act

A coroner on the island of Rhodes has reportedly completed the autopsy on the body of British doctor and BBC presenter Michael Mosley on Monday.

Citing sources, media report that no injuries consistent with a possible criminal act have been found. There are no hits or other injuries and indications of a crime.

Mosley’s body was found in a rocky area of Agia Marina beach on the island of Symi on Sunday, on the fifth day after he went missing. He was laying on his back with one hand on his chest. No personal belongings were missing.

The cause of death could not be determined, the sources reportedly said, due to the body’s advanced state of decay. Further laboratory tests are needed to determine the exact cause of his death, the sources added.

According to estimates by the medical examiner, Michael Mosley died on the same day he went missing and thus from an unspecified cause.

68-year-old Michael Mosley went missing early afternoon Wednesday, June 6. He was last seen leaving on foot the beach of Agios Nikolaos, then captured by CCTV walking through the village of Pedi. He was allegedly heading home in Gyalos, but it looks as if he mistakenly got on the wrong path, climbing a high hill and landing in Agia Marina beach, media note. Temperatures on that day were over 40 degrees Celsius.

His body was found accidentally on Sunday morning at the fence of a resort facility, 50 meters away from the sea.


The medical examiner arrived on Symi from the nearby island of Rhodes, while the body of the 67-year-old was transported by a Coast Guard boat to Rhodes for the autopsy on Sunday afternoon.

When his wife reported him missing a search operation was launched with police, the coast guard, rescuers of the fire service and volunteers, drones and a trained dog. The daily search extended to the entire island, however, it was a camera crew that captured a ‘shining object’ in the area, Mosley’s watch.

Together with his wife, Michael Mosley spending vacations on the island of Symi

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