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Stunning Minoan-era monumental construction in Kasteli

A monumental architectural find of circular shape, which is unique in Minoan-era archaeology, has been uncovered in an excavation at the top of Papoura hill in Kasteli on the island of Crete.

The excavation at an altitude of 494m northwest of Kasteli is in the area of the airport of Heraklio currently under construction.

The monument has a diameter of about 48 meters and covers a surface area of about 1800 square meters.

This construction consists of 8 superimposed stone rings – average thickness 1.40m, and maximum estimated surviving height 1.7m – developed at different elevations. The rings form in the center a circular building (zone A) with a diameter of 15m. with expository construction, the interior of which (diameter 9m.) is divided into 4 quadrants.

Zone A is surrounded by a second main zone (zone B, max. width 6.9), in which radial walls intersect vertically the rings of the lower levels forming smaller spaces.

As the excavation progresses, an almost labyrinthine structure is revealed, as the spaces communicate with each other through narrow openings. Two possible main entrances to the central zones were revealed on the SW and NW sides.

The main period of use seems to have been between 2000-1700 BC.

Η Υπουργός Πολιτισμού Λίνα Μενδώνη κατά την αυτοψία στο Καστέλλι

It is located at the highest point of the hill, where the new airport’s radar systems were originally to be installed.

According an announcement by Culture Minister Lina Mendoni on Tuesday, the archaeological excavation must continue, so that the scientists can get a clearer understanding of it, and that the monument must be preserved.

While the construction of the airport should obviously continue unimpeded, the find must be protected and another suitable location found for installing the radar, the Minister stressed.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Mendoni and Deputy Infrastructure and Transport Minister Nikos Tahiaos,  agreed that the Civil Aviation Authority should soon prepare and submit a new study to the culture ministry regarding the location of the radar.

“This is a unique find of great interest. There are solutions, so that the archaeological excavation can be completed and the monument protected,” Mendoni commented.

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  1. How very interesting, a fortress tower maybe??? And from the minoan times….
    It is amazing how many “things” that still remains undiscovered in greek soil.

  2. How long ago was this found before they said anything?
    Or did someone notice something and spoke before they could hush it up?

    • Obviously some time ago since it has been largely excavated, judging by the photos. My guess would be at least several years, possibly longer.