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Phytoplankton turns sea in Thessaloniki green (video)

The sea surface along in the city of Thessaloniki, northern Greece, turned green on Tuesday, due to excessive concentration of phytoplankton in the area.

The phenomenon is not rare in summer when high temperatures prevail together with southern winds.

In addition to the green slime of phytoplankton, various garbage floats along with it in the waters of  Thermaikos Gulf.

This time the phenomenon is not accompanied by the particular stench as in the past.

According to local news website, the phenomenon in Thermaicos Gulf, which leads to excessive concentration of plant nutrients in aquatic ecosystems, is related to high temperatures and southern winds that have pushed the phytoplankton onto the coastline of the city in northern Greece.

It is not known when the special anti-pollution vessel “Alkippi” will be deployed to remove the green particles.

This morning the surface of the sea in Thermaikos gulf was covered with phytoplankton, with the special anti-pollution vessel “Alkippi” not knowing when it will come out to remove it.

The reason is apparently the notorious Greek bureaucracy with the responsibilities to be shared between the municipality and the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization (OFYPEKA), which is responsible for the issue of cleaning the surface of Thermaikos and which is one of the agencies that had signed the contract with the private company that owns “Alkippi”.

According to information, when local the environment counselor   asked to be informed by OFYPEKA if the special boat will go out today for cleaning, the answer he received was that the “OFYPEKA did not know if the Alkippi boat would come out to clean Thermaikos. All they know is that it has to come out twice a week. Nothing more.”

It should be recalled that when dead mice recently appeared in Thermaikos Gulf, again the assistance of the OFYPEKA was asked, pointing out the problem and requesting that the surface of Thermaikos be cleaned more often and when required.

PS I just heard on TV that Hollywood star Tom Cruise flew with his private jet to Thessaloniki on Tuesday seeking a few locations for his next movie. My Kitty prays he was in the city only during nighttime …

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