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Prominent lawyer who brutally beats wife, set free; authorities investigate

Α well-known and successful criminal lawyer has been arrested for the brutal beating of his wife, also a lawyer and counselor for domestic violence.

52-ear-old Apostolos Lytras appeared before a prosecutor on Monday to answer charges of severe intentional bodily harm of his 37-year-old wife, Sofia Polyzogopoulou.

With swollen face, a broken nose and a finger, other fractures and bleeding from the tongue, the lawyer took his wife to a private hospital in Athens. Victim and perpetrator initially claimed that she had fallen down the stairs.

When the victim was left alone with the examining doctor at the ER of a private hospital, the woman admitted that she was brutally beaten by her husband.

The doctor called the police and it was his medical report that led to Lytras’ arrest and prosecution.

Jealous lawyer

The couple was dining at a restaurant on Saturday night, when the lawyer became furious for his wife was receiving sms on her mobile.

She later told police that the sms were from her sister who was sitting with the 9-year-old daughter of the couple. Nevertheless, the sms triggered an attack of jealously to the husband, who started to punch her when they arrived at their car and continue while the couple was driving home.

When they arrived there she asked him to take her to hospital fearing for her life which he did on Sunday morning

Perpetrator set free after testimony

Following his deposition, the judge and prosecutor imposed restrictive measures on him, including that he moves house of their common house, he stays away from the victim and the obligation that he seeks psychological support.

He was released pending trial.

His release called the intervention of the Supreme Court prosecutors who ordered a preliminary discipline investigation into the authorities decision.

According to Mega TV, the supreme Court intervention does not annul the decision that Lytras has been released pending trial.

Lytras’ statements to the press

In his first statements to the press, Lytras said he would seek help, claiming he had never been violent before. “I apologize to my wife who I love so much and to my three daughters,” he said, among others.

“Unfortunately I was in a situation where this incident happened and I still can’t give an explanation. I have never been violent in my life, I will look into healing, seek help because I really mean it, I have built a career and a family with a lot of effort from both me and my wife. I will look for the psychological causes of the incident, it is not something I can forgive myself for,” he added.

It was the report from the doctor that led to Lytras’ arrest and prosecution as it alleged fractures and serious injuries to the face, head, and arms of the victim caused by a human and not from falling down the stairs.

The defendant reportedly confessed but attempted to justify his actions by blaming the victim, stating that he received certain phone messages that angered him.

Speaking to reporters outside the court on Monday, Lytras appeared remorseful and stated that he would seek treatment, apologizing to his wife and daughters.

According to media reports, the defendant was accused of  verbal domestic violence by his first wife. He was convicted in 2017, however, the ex-wife and one of his two daughters from first marriage came to his defense on Monday.

Also the victim alleged that it was the first time that he was physically abusive, however, media report on Monday afternoon, that the victim asked for police protection.

She had asked her husband for divorce in last October and claimed that “he was never violent despite having a difficult personality,” daily reported.

Bar Association investigates perpetrator

Meanwhile, the Bar Association in Athens had also ordered a disciplinary investigation on the case taking under consideration possible discipline measures against the lawyer.

Monday afternoon the victim was examined by a medical coroner who  confirmed the doctor’s report, reported.

PS The decision of investigator and prosecutor to release lawyer Apostolos Lytras pending trial has raised questions as well as the concern that if somebody can  exercise violence and then walk around free, claiming  that he has a psychological problem and is going to seek help.

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