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Police investigates websites offering “legal protection against Covid-measures” to anti-vaxxers

Minister of Citizens’ Protection Takis Theodorikakos ordered an investigation into websites and social media accounts that spread fake information about the pandemic and offer fake legal advise to anti-vaxxers in exchange for money. The investigation order was sent to the head of the police’s Department for Electronic Crime, Vassilis Papakostas, …

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Anti-vaxxers protest PM at TIF, clash with police in Thessaloniki

Αnti-vaxxers clashed with police in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, outside the premises of Thessaloniki International Fair where Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis delivered an important speech that included economic police measures. Hundreds of protesters against Covid-19 vaccination, among them also families with children, gathered in downtown Thessaloniki on Saturday afternoon. At some …

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Anti-vaxxers verbally attack, boo priests in Greece’s churches (videos)

Anti-vaxxers in Greece have found a new way to make their attitude heard: they have started to verbally attack priests when the latter speak to congregation in favor of vaccinations against Covid-19. In just two days, two incidents occurred in Zakynthos and Thessaloniki where anti-vaxxers protested the priest shouting Shame! …

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Anti-vaxxers in Greece: Far-rights and religious zealots rally against Covid-vaccines

Waving Greek flags, holding wooden crosses and icons more than 5,000 anti-vaxxers gathered in downtown Athens on Wednesday afternoon to protest vaccines against Covid-19 and the mandatory vaccination of specific groups of professionals. The crowd consisted of far-rights like Golden Dawn and others, religious zealots, Macedonia-is-Greek patriots and supporters of …

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Pharmacology professor Kouvelas on trial for spreading misinformation on Covid vaccines

Dimitris Kouvelas, professor of clinical pharmacology at the Aristotle University and a vocal critic of the vaccines against Covid-19 and the coronavirus containment measures, went on trial in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Tuesday for disseminating misinformation regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. Kouvelas was put under investigation and indicted last year after …

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